Shangri La Soccer Fields

Driving Directions

Manager: Angie Balcombe

Manager's Office Address:
10964 E. Orchid Ln., Lot 50A
Rochelle, Illinois 61068


Shangri-La Mobile Home & RV Community

Property Location Information:

10964 E. Orchid Ln., Lot 50A
Rochelle, Illinois 61068

Phone and Fax: (815) 562-6392

Community Features

  • Most lots with mature trees
  • Country atmosphere
  • Playground & field with soccer nets
  • RV Lots available

Monthly Rental Rates

$418, includes water, sewer and garbage

Currently Available 

  • 2022 Redman Advantage Home For Sale 10943 E Orchid Ln. Lot 49
  • Homes for sale by tenant are usually available, call manager for availability. 

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